What is Aquacremation?

Aquacremation is a gentle and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fire cremation or burial. It is a process that utilises natural alkalis together with the flow of warm water, mirroring our eco-system’s natural method of breaking down organic matter. There is no fire or burning involved. A combination of 95% warm water together with 5% alkali flows around the body accelerating the natural process that occurs after passing away, organically returning the body to the molecular level.

This form of water-based cremation is scientifically known as alkaline hydrolysis, and it aims to replicate organic decomposition observed in ground burials. By combining warm water with an alkali solution, aquacremation accelerates the breakdown of a body into ashes. Other common names for aquacremation include hydro-cremation, resomation, bio-cremation, green cremation, and flameless cremation. It is eco-friendly producing no harmful carbon emissions.

Privately sealed chambers within the unit ensures your pet is aquacremated individually and the ashes returned to you are only from your pet. The process is an accelerated reflection of what happens naturally, it is gentle on your pet and environmentally sustainable. It is not aggressive like fire cremation, allowing 20% more ashes to be returned to you and it preserves your pet’s microchip intact. Additionally, the process generates ashes that are finer, whiter, and softer than flame-based cremation.

Top End Pet Farewells is proud to be the first to introduce this technology to the Northern Territory. It is a relatively new concept to Australia, however it has been widely used for both humans and pets in the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe for decades. It is growing in popularity due to it being a peaceful, natural and eco-friendly process. The process allows you to remember your pet’s final stage as being dignified and gentle.

Environmental Benefits

Aquacremation creates zero harmful emissions of greenhouse gases and is both energy and water efficient, using 95% less energy than fire-cremation. In choosing water cremation you are choosing an eco-friendly process, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future.

Sustainability is central to our business, where possible we source locally handmade products and up-cycle or recycle whenever possible.

Whilst your beloved pet is in our care, we will maintain regular communication with you. We will follow your wishes for paw prints, mementos such as a lock of fur, urn choice and other keepsake options.

Arrangements can be made for your pet’s ashes to be delivered directly to you at home or to your preferred veterinary clinic. You are also welcome to collect from our office in Berrimah if you wish.